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LA Times Critic's Choice West Adams

I am playing the character of Sarah in the new hit play, West Adams. Running until March 8th at the Skylight Theatre.

Check it out!

Written by: Penelope Lowder

Directed by: Michael A. Shepperd

A story about the absurdity of racism.

STORY: With a hostile takeover of a neighborhood block party and altruistic dreams of gentrification, Penelope Lowder’s newest play, set in LA's historic "WEST ADAMS" district suggests that perhaps reshaping a newly adopted neighborhood in your image isn’t as lofty as one might think.

A BRILLIANT debut that bodes well for the rest of the season. Playwright Penelope Lowder has her finger firmly ON THE PULSE of American culture. There are PLENTY OF LAUGHS to be had here — BEFORE THE HORROR SETS IN. Multiple award-winning director Michael A. Shepperd and a wonderful cast lift the rock off Lowder’s dishearteningly PERFECT PLAY and let the creepy-crawlies squiggle freely. - LA Times, CRITICS' CHOICE

POWERFUL…smartly takes on privilege, race, and status - Broadway World

GO. A smart, powerful play - Hollywood Revealed

A SAVVY, SATISFYING PLAY, spotlighting the toxic ilk that still poisons our fractious American communities” - Stage Raw

MUST- SEE theatre at its finest and most relevant. A GREAT NEW PLAY...Searing, scorching look at timely issues in a highly entertaining way. West Adams announces the ARRIVAL OF A MAJOR VOICE. - Hollywood Progressive

SHOCKING... Should really be seen. Does what theatre is supposed to do: Make you think, and make you confront something that makes you uncomfortable - Observations Along the Road

This EXTRAORDINARY PLAY Must Be Seen. Superbly mounted...BRILLIANT, disciplined cast (kudos to director Michael A Shepperd). - TheatreNotes

Superb job of shifting gears as a fun-filled celebration turns into a life-and-death struggle with NO HOLDS BARRED. Lowder’s play will surely trigger conversations - Splash Magazines

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