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"Sometimes Our Friends Come Over" got into Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival!

So "Sometime Our Friends Come Over(and sometimes we're all alone), was accepted into the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival(Tbuff)!

Click here for info

It will be screening December 9th in Tampa!

“Sometimes” (as we like to call it around here for REALLY short) has a solid chance to win a title-truncated trophy or two, as it is an intelligently acted and cleverly written multilayered metaphor about modern times as seen through the eyes of a loving couple who slowly begin to realize the future (their future? everyone’s future?) is bleak, leading to them alienating their friends... who stop coming over as much. Watkins’ funny and melancholy Los Angeles import plays Friday 12/7 at 11PM." -TBUFF

Director: Daniel Watkins Category: Narrative Feature Runtime: 90

Synopsis: (narrative fiction): Sometimes Our Friends Come Over... uses the story of a young couple as an analog for a society coming to terms with the fact that the future will be much worse than the present. The couple alienate themselves, almost by default, from their friends and ultimately from each other - confronting their own cruelty in the process.

Cast: Allison Blaize, Stephen Tyler Howell

Crew: Writer: Daniel Watkins ; Producers: Daniel Watkins, Christina Santa Cruz

Production Background & Fun Facts: - Though no cinematographer is credited in the film, that duty was also performed by Daniel Watkins in an effort to move quickly and create room for improvisation. - Daniel recently mounted a solo art show in which he transformed his Facebook friend's profile pictures into piano music. facebook-images - Lead actors, Allison Blaize, and Stephen Tyler Howell are a couple in real life.

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