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"A Splintered Soul" @ International City Theatre

Next on the agenda! I will be starring in a, "A Splintered Soul," by Alan Brooks at ICT in Long Beach. I will be playing the role of "Gerta", a Jewish Polish immigrant who has recently survived the Holocaust. Directed by Marya Mazor Opening October 19th!

Following the aftershock of the Second Great War, San Francisco’s Jewish community becomes a safe harbor for survivors of the Nazi regime. It is there we meet Rabbi Kroeller and a group of morally starved refugees as they seek to define their existence in this new tidy post-war America. ASPLINTERED SOUL explores the shades of grey between justice and mercy; the answers to which become shrouded in innocence and betrayal. As in ahighly calculated game of chess, where survival is the ultimate strategy, passionate bonds are forged between strangers and one man’s soul splinters in his quest to right what has been wronged in such extraordinary times.

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