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Winner of the Triforce Creative Network Monologue Slam

On November 6th, 2017 I competed against 22 other actors (originally 180) in the non-profit Tri-force Creative Network Monologue slam and I won the whole darn thing!!

MonologueSlam Los Angeles Winners!

MonologueSlam returned to Los Angeles on Monday evening and what a night it was! Congratulations to everyone who performed, we were treated to a wealth of talent and competition was fierce!

The overall winner of the night voted for by the judges was Allison Blaize for her performance of Two-Fisted Love by David Sessions.

We had a stellar line up judging the 22 performances:

  • Casting Director and Producer: Leah Daniels-Butler

  • Casting Director: Andrew Lynford

  • Casting Director: David Rapaport

  • Casting Director: Kerrie Mailey

  • Casting Director: Tamara-Lee Notcutt

  • Casting Associate: Beth Ryne

  • Casting Executive: Felicia Davis

  • Manager: Sarah Schuelein

  • Talent Agent: Gordon MacDonald (Don Buchwald Associates)

  • Talent Agent: Meghan Shankar (Domain Talent)

  • Manager: Bryan Brucks (Primary Wave)

  • Founder and Agent: Nicolas Bernheim (NB Management)

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