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The Spanish Prayer Book

" Though the ensemble is uniformly strong, Blaize’s Michaela, and Wolff’s Channa are particularly nuanced and endearing."

                     -Steven Leigh Morris Stage Raw

"Blaize gives an especially detailed and nuanced performance. She pours every ounce of passion into the character and her conflict over whether to sell her sacred legacy or not."

                                  -Stephen Fife

"We meet a Muslim scholar (played convincingly by Richard John Seikaly) who has affection for a very bright Jewish woman (the captivating Allison Blaize). "

                                   -Tolucan Times

"It’s utterly beautiful and elegant and profound and the performances are truly beguiling"


"Allison Blaize is exceptional to me"

                                  -Carol Segal 

"Under the direction of Lee Sankowich, the pace of the action in the two-act play is deliberative, which is not to say uninteresting. The ensemble of veteran actors is superb."

                           -Paul Myrvold Theatre Notes


"Award-winning director Michael A. Shepperd and his wonderful cast lift the rock off Lowder’s dishearteningly fine play. Indeed, there are plenty of laughs to be had — before the horror sets in."

                                          - Kathleen Foley, LA TIMES

"Allison, whose Sarah parades her pregnancy while telepathing the instincts of a toothsome shark, really owns her role."

                                        -Deborah Klugman,Stage Raw



                                "Allison Baize and Clayton Farris, who                                  equally act the living daylight of their roles a                               and just makes the audience despise them                                thoroughly. "

                                                  -Nerds of Color




"WEST ADAMS is a play which is designed to make the audience uncomfortable as a mean of drawing them into conflicts that may be happening all over the country right now. Lowder’s play will surely trigger conversation about the state of the current U.S. society. For those who enjoy studying the culture of today, WEST ADAMS fills the bill."

                                                    -LA Splash Mags

"West Adams does get lots of ha-ha laughs…at first. The brilliant, disciplined cast (kudos to director Michael A Shepperd) kicks off the action with a rousing rendition of the National Anthem"


                                            -Paul Myrvold Theatre Notes


West Adams (2020)
Elephants (2018)
A Splintered Soul Reviews(ICT)

"Gerta (the utterly compelling Allison Blaize) lives as a domestic in the home of a couple."

                                            -Paul Myrvold-Theatre Notes

"The entire cast does remarkable work, astutely and knowledgeably directed by Marya Mazor and it all adds up to a soul-searching but never morbid, experience."


                                            -Will Call Theatre

"Allison Blaize sucks the audience in as Gerta, who survived the camps as a consort to German officers.


                                            -Grunion Gazette

"The cohort of Jewish survivors includes: actress Allison Blaize, who is unforgettable as Gerta and challenges the audience to consider forgiving clear violations of a standard moral code."

                                             -Signal Tribune


"Blaize positively blazes when Hazel’s inner fierceness at long last gets let out...Not only has Sharr White written one of the year’s best plays in Stupid Kid, it proves one of the most satisfying as well. I haven’t applauded so hard (so hard it hurt) in a good long while.

Stage Scene La- Steven Stanely

"As well as Allison Blaize who played Hazel with such touching vulnerability that you could feel her pain"

NohoArts District

In smaller roles, Allison Blaize is GUTWRENCHING...You can always count on this dedicated and multi-talented troupe to offer wonderful performances,

Toculan Times

"Explosive! Masterful. Thrilling, hairpin turns. A perceptive staging. Brave performances. Explosive laughs. A truly white-knuckle response. Wonderful." 

LA TIMES- Daryl Miller

Blaize contributes some quietly arresting moments as the zombie-like and horribly abused Hazel... Watson and his amazing cast of six brilliant actors at the top of their game. 

Ticket Holders La- Travis Michael Holder

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"Watch Elephants primarily for its fantastic performances by its three leads Luca Malacrino, Allison Blaize, and Lauren J. Kelly."      

                                             -Film Threat

"It’s a treat to watch Luca Malacrino and Allison Blaize bring these lovers to life on screen. Both talented actors are perfectly cast. Their romantic scenes ring true, and their fiery arguments remind me of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s ferocious interactions in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"


                                            -Reel Talk

"Elephants is most successful in the cinematic intangibles. Quiet, natural moments, sincere performances, and clean, confident direction help an unassuming movie build to an unexpectedly resonant crescendo that might stick with you long after watching."


                                             -Film Racket

"Seriously, the performances here border on brilliant at times, as the trio of Luca Malacrino, Allison Blaize, and Lauren Kelly are just downright impressive to watch....Blaize is great as the complex Kate who fears growing"

                                             -Cinema Crazed

"Elephants showcases some top-notch performances from its leads, particularly the young couple at its center. Allison Blaize and Luca Malacrino have an amazing chemistry on screen that fuels the entirety of the film. Each actor gives a truly authentic performance, infusing pain, joy, and romance into every scene."

                                              -Cinema Soloist

"Blaize’s frivolous, light-hearted Chris, brimming with naïve idealism.....Blaize is superb."

                                                Eric Marchese-Press Telegram

"Blaize follows a trio of terrific Road Theatre performances with by far her most challenging and rewarding work to date, taking Chris from innocence to devastation to experience-acquired maturity and guts."


                                               Steven Stanley- Stage Scene La

"I was struck by the complete originality of this play and its social relevance, not just to the African context but here at home as well"

                                                Eric A. Gordon- People's World

""the four actors engage this riveting story with pitch-perfect emotion."

                                                  Anita Harris- Signal Tribune


hazel image- allison blaize.jpg





"The cast did an impressive job breathing life into such complex and broken characters"

"The script and storyline were phenomenal. The talent, especially Allison Blaize, did a great job."

"I enjoyed watching the power dynamic shifting constantly between the brother and sister in crisis—blood is thicker than water, and it’s way messier too. Allison Blaize plays the co-lead with deftness, moving from snarling defiance to jittery desperation often in the same moment"

"Allison Blaze is on bloody point as Lauren Cherry, she creates and sustains a portrait of active drug addiction in all its consequences, she delves below the surface of the stereotypical homeless drug addict and cloaks the character in humanity."

"WOW! The struggle is real, the talent is perfect, this is a must see if you have a family member in pain or need a reminder from you own past. Keep coming back!"

"Absolutely stunning gut wrenching drama that makes you feel the emotions of family struggles. Where the conscionable meets the unconscionable and what side of that battle will you choose."


"Baby" commences with an idyllic romance between Boy (Philip Orazio) and Girl (Allison Blaize), beautiful innocents (Adam and Eve?)Superlative particular this production, a fitting memorial that should be seen."

                                    Kathleen Foley- LA TIMES

"Blaize and Orazio have a pure and natural feel to their youthful enthusiasm for life and each other. As the play turns darker, they mature and make the audience feel their pain."FIVE STARS 

                                    Haines His Way

'an especially powerful Blaize moves from guileless to devastating as Girl gets taken to the dark side of life."

                                   Steven Stanley- Stage Scene La

"Blaize and Orazio paint a pretty picture of young love, bursting with innocence and passion. As the play progresses and we start to see that spiral into despair we, as an audience, feel their emotion and share in their fear. Grief, and the loss of bliss and innocence drip from their every word and movement in the second act, with performances that will haunt you long after the curtain closes."

                                 Michelle Sandoval- Edge Media

"The Play About the Baby is theatre of absurd at its best."


                                 The Los Angeles Beat

"Director Barron has cast the piece beautifully and deploys his actors with wit in Albee’s clever ideological vaudeville..........As Girl, Blaize is at first happy to revel in Boy’s attention, but her grief at the loss of her baby is real."

                                  Neal Weaver-Stage Raw

"The Play About The Baby is a gorgeous, dangerous experience, equally performed to excellence by the entire cast ........It is hands down one of The Road Theatre’s most extraordinary productions."

                                 Tracey Paleo- Gia On the Move

"What makes this production worthy of all of its kudos, for me, is the top-notch acting by its four actors and the grand direction by Andre Barron"

                                   Carol Segal-Culture Corner



This revival under Ben Guillory’s direction features solid performances, even in the minor roles."

                                                      Lovell Estell III Stage Raw

"Allison Blaize does a fine job as Dee, a hustler, who works for and is in love in the Johnny......some Wonderful work."

                                                      Joe Straw#9

"The entire cast masterfully portray each character with sensitivity and understanding. "

                                                     Elaine Mura-LA SPLASH

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